The power of nostalgia

When it comes to online shopping, it turns out nostalgia is a pretty powerful force.

British Corner Shop trades in nostalgia. In Britishness. Because they sell all manner of quintessential British goodies, from chocolate to crisps. And of course, Tea.

For Brits living abroad, it’s a kind of lifeline. A place where they can buy all those delicious British foods they can’t find where they live.

And British Corner Shop’s customers really do exist all over the world. And in each of these countries, there are different needs. In America, for example, Brits are crying out for British chocolate. Because the American stuff just isn’t the same.

We were given a media budget and tasked with driving more sales amongst these British expats. So we looked into the audience, the countries, and the time of year and we did some serious targeting.

Seasonality plays a huge part as well. You’re more likely to yearn for a creme egg over Easter, or for some stuffing over Christmas. To seek out a taste of home.

Clearly, nostalgia for British products is a huge driver of sales. Because after pushing out our ads, British Corner Shop saw a ten-fold return on their media investment. 

People weren’t just engaging with the ads, they were clicking through and spending money. That’s the power of nostalgia.

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