An open source CMS with all of the benefits of the Microsoft .NET framework – this is a real ‘cake and eat it’ situation.

The Umbraco CMS platform has been taking the internet by storm and for good reason.

For many ‘open source’ has come to mean compromise, but with Umbraco there are no compromises needed. The CMS is based on Microsoft .NET technology and offers a feature-rich and professional CMS that can power beautiful, elegant online experiences.

At true we are very proud to be an Umbraco Gold Partner and have extensive experience of implementing the CMS both in the ‘paid-for’ cloud package and our own CMS setups.

Umbraco benefits from a very active developer community and there are a number of development houses providing powerful add-ons ready to work with Umbraco such as the UCommerce E-commerce platform.

If concerns around the cost of licensing and infrastructure has been holding you back from starting your new web project, it could well be time to take a closer look at Umbraco.