Published: 20th Sep 2018

Here comes Kentico 12

- true team

Over the years, the Kentico CMS, Ecommerce and Marketing platform has helped True deliver innovative, award winning websites for our clients and brilliant user experiences for their customers.

So with Kentico 12 on the horizon, we asked True’s brilliant Head of Technology Dave North to explain why he’s excited about the new release. Here’s what he had to say.

Kentico release a new version every Autumn, so you could be forgiven for thinking Kentico 12 will just bring some new, improved bells and whistles.

This time though, Kentico is making a really significant update – one that changes its core architecture, and starts to phase out their Web Forms in favour of MVC (model-view-controller) which opens up a whole range of new possibilities on this platform.

From a developer perspective, this is a much more efficient and structured way of working.

For sites we’ve built on MVC, rather than opening a dialog and filling in a form to edit the content in a widget, content editors can edit inline and see the impact of their changes immediately. At last, they’ll have a modular, flexible and visual view that makes editing and ordering components on a page really quick and simple.

That means editors will be able to respond quickly to what is and isn’t working on a page and make their content work more effectively.

Even people who’ve been using the Web Forms in line editor and don’t really care about MVC will see an advantage as the new page builder is a step forward for the editing interface. The new MVC page builder means editors can add their own personalisation within page editor, and without reliance on developers. And that means clients can provide the best possible customer experience.

As we know from our research into Content Shock, web content pages have to compete harder than ever for attention, interest and engagement. With Kentico 12, content teams can really up their game.


If you’d like to know more about Kentico or need help in choosing the best CMS for your business, get in touch with Sam.

- true team