Published: 31st Oct 2017

Wealthify attracts its biggest investment yet

Richard McCloskey - Client Services Director

We’re excited to report that Wealthify, the robo-investing platform that opened up the world of investments to the masses only last year, has been bought by Aviva.

It’s an important move in seeing the Wealthify team’s dream – to make investing available to the widest possible audience – become a reality. Wealthify will soon be available to millions of UK customers through the MyAviva hub and app.

Having worked closely with Richard, Mike, Michelle, Sally and the team to define the Wealthify proposition, create the brand and design the customer experience, we’re especially delighted that Aviva recognise the painstaking attention to detail that went in to creating the service.  

Blair Turnbull, Managing Director of Aviva UK Digital, was quoted as saying: "It is remarkably easy to use, with no complicated jargon…an effortless and straightforward digital experience."

That’s no mean feat in the regulated world of finance. Wealthify is the result of a client/agency team operating as one, sharing a bold ambition, and maintaining a singular focus on building the shortcut to smart.

Aviva have made a smart move. Huge congratulations to everyone involved.                                      

You can invest in Wealthify from just £1. Find our more at

If you’d like to know more about our work with Wealthify or find out more about our financial services expertise, please talk to Sam.