Published: 22nd May 2015

"Poo Power" hits the press

- true team

This month our work for Bristol Energy hit the headlines to promote the local energy company’s usage of Human-made biogas, more lovingly known as ‘Poo Power’.

The animation and story were featured in Bristol 24/7The Daily Mirror and The Sun.

The sewage waste generated by a million people across the city is being used to create biomethane, an environmentally friendly and sustainable substitute for traditionally used fossil fuel gas.

To promote this True were asked to produce animated content to support a press release educating potential and current customers on Bristol Energy’s special new source of power. It was designed in a quirky style to stand out and be noticed.

Poo Power by Bristol Energy

Following our animations for Npower and Aspen, we were glad to flex our creative muscles for such a unique and future-facing project.

What made the Poo Power story a PR success was its perfect fusion of technological innovation, environmental consciousness and, most importantly, toilet-humour.

"Well they got to the bottom of the problem" — DILLIGAFER, Mirror reader comment

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- true team