Breaking Inertia

Our Breaking Inertia report for senior financial services clients reveals three key steps to changing customer behaviour in 2018 and beyond.

How can brands break the ongoing inertia in financial services?

Ten years after the banking crisis, the UK banking sector is still working to rebuild trust.  The fintech revolution means people have more choice, more opportunity to make banking easier and really take control of their finances.  

So why aren’t people moving to new, customer-centric banking propositions like Atom and Starling in droves?  

True’s latest research in partnership with insight consultancy Strive, explores why, despite the flood of exciting new propositions, customer inertia persists.

In an exclusive report launched to a select audience from traditional banking, fintechs and industry commentators at The Gherkin in January 2018, we revealed six fundamental human truths behind inertia, and three key steps to changing behaviour. 

Meet the experts

Fiona image

Fiona Weller

True’s Creative Partner

Fiona is True’s Creative Partner. She is fascinated by the financial services industry and has worked with a vast range of banks, building societies, pensions, insurance and investment companies to create customer centered creative strategies and inventive solutions that work.

Lucy image

Lucy Paxman

Client Director at Strive Insight

Lucy is a Client Director at Strive Insight, a research agency dedicated to identifying and delivering real, inspirational and actionable opportunities for brands and businesses through customer insight.

Tim image

Tim Jones

Managing Director of True

Tim is founder and Managing Director of True, a UK independent digital marketing agency. With over 20 years’ experience in digital, direct and integrated marketing, he has a deep understanding of business strategies and challenges, and how brands can exploit digital channels.

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