Your new site is live. Now what?

You’ve put a new site live. It’s been a long road, and you’re really proud. Time for a break? No way.
Here at True, we see the launch of a new site as just the beginning. So once we’ve cracked open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a site going live, it’s back to work. At the end of last year, we launched the new Fuller’s site with some fanfare (followed by several awards, as well as a recent Webby nomination).  
But we didn’t rest on our laurels. As far as we were concerned, the hard work had only just begun. Here’s what to do once your site has launched. 
Figure out what success looks like
Before you can decide whether you new site is performing well, you need to sit down and work out what success looks like. Our super smart strategists and analysts looked at actions on the new Fuller’s site, and figured out how effective these activities are, creating an effectiveness model.
Basically, if your site sells honey, one thing to look at would be the number of people who add a jar of honey to their shopping basket. Another would be how many of those go on to actually buy the honey. And then how many of those people come back to buy another jar, once they’ve eaten it all.
As Fuller’s don’t sell honey (although they do sell Honey Dew Golden Ale), we looked at things like how many people went to look at an individual pub page, or booked a tour of the brewery.
See what’s working (and what’s not)
Once you’ve determined what actions you want to monitor, you need to make sure you’re tracking them.
We’ve got a top-notch analytics team here at True who can look at exactly how the Fuller’s site is being used.
You can’t expect your site to perform exactly as predicted. The people who use it are human, and no amount of algorithms or research can predict exactly how they’re going to behave.
Speak to the experts
Once your site has gone live, it’s well worth getting an expert to look through every page of the site and check it’s easy and seamless to use.
Our expert comes in the form of our Head of CX, who put on his ‘Fuller’s customer’ hat and picked out any issues or areas that needed attention.  
Refine your target audience
You probably created some beautiful and well-researched personas before your site went live. But now it’s time to revisit them. Have these personas changed based on who’s actually using the site?
With the Fuller’s site, they had. After lots more research, we emerged with four redefined personas, which helped us to put ourselves in the shoes of the users. Who are, after all, the most important people. 
Speak to the users. In real life.
Yep, that’s right - user testing. When it comes to understanding how well your site’s working, user testing is invaluable. Now you know who your users are, get some of them in a room, using your site.
We got 20-odd people in a room to test the new Fuller’s site, all of whom fit one of the four key personas we’d defined. And what they told us backed up what our CX team had unearthed in the UX review. Which was great, because now we knew exactly what needed fixing, in what order.
Go on a journey
So you know who your key users are and how they’re using your site. Great. Now you need to figure out how they’re getting there, and where they’re going once they leave.
That’s where a journey map comes in. A journey map is a brilliant way to understand all the places your target audiences experience your brand. They help you understand where they’ve been before they reach your site (and how you can get more of them there).
And finally, a survey
You can’t go wrong with a survey. While user testing is great, you can only use it to speak to a select number of people. A survey, strategically placed on your new site, can canvass opinions and insight from loads of potential customers.
So that’s exactly what we did for Fuller’s. And the results of those surveys added even more weight to the insight we’d already captured.
Keep going
And now we’ve done all that? Well, we’re still looking for ways to optimise and improve the site. Because even though it’s winning awards, that was never the brief. The brief was to digitally re-brand Fuller’s to ensure they remain relevant to an entirely new generation of beer lovers.
And we’re always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to do that.
Got a website that needs some love? Get in touch.