Pet care in 2018: A True view

Since 2013, True have helped major brands in the Pet Health and Food sector profit from the limitless possibilities of digital.

Our extensive experience has given us valuable insight into the market, making us a powerful partner for ambitious pet care brands.

Here are 3 pet ownership trends we believe could transform your business in 2018 and beyond.

1. Affordable premiumisation

Innovative thinking in product development is using age, breed, lifestyle, weight and size to create products that pet owners see as superior and targeted to their specific pet, yet still affordable.
Getting the product right is just part of the story. Products targeted at specific pets need ads, keywords and content targeted at their specific owners too. Our digital media team has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results with smart targeting, improving ROAS by more than 4x for Vetimed.

2. Pet humanisation

Pet owners are increasingly treating their hairy, furry and feathered friends like members of the family – or even a new baby. They love to indulge them with everything from Christmas treats and fancy outfits to pet counselling. Businesses who indulge these indulgences can fast become the pet owners’ other best friend.

Our rebranding work for Pet Drugs Online (PDOL) was inspired by childcare sites, delivering the same emotional pull and feeling of responsibility, balanced with advice, support and a realistic approach to pricing.

We leaned heavily on our greatest assets - gorgeous pets – but stood apart by using animals with personality and individuality to support the Pet Drugs proposition rather that just provide page decoration.
Our strategy, creative and media teams work as one to think about content from a user perspective - and even from a pet perspective!

3. Internet retailing

According to data from Euromonitor International, online shopping has been the fastest growing channel for the global pet care market over the past 5 years, posting a massive 90% growth. 24 hour shopping, accessible product information, easy product comparisons and competitive pricing are all key factors in attracting more pet owners online.

And once they’re there, it takes exemplary customer experience to turn them into shoppers and keep them coming back.

Our transformational work for Pet Drugs Online included a streamlined checkout with smart functionality allowing customers to upload photos of their prescriptions, personalised journeys based on shopper behaviour and automated delivery charges by territory.

For Bob Martin and IVC, we defined content strategies and plans to capitalize on the excellent veterinary knowledge and experience in the business.

And for Vetimed, a targeted media strategy with bespoke landing pages delivered and converted customers to their website at volume.

True's Pet Sector work for Bob Martin, Pet Drugs Online and IVC (L-R)

If you’d like to know more about what affordable premiumisation, pet humanisation and the surge in internet retailing could mean for your business, we’d love to have a chat. Please get in touch with Bertie.