Personal poetry in motion

If you’re going to Integrated Live this week, please come and see us on Stand B65.
We’re just opposite the Content Theatre – totally appropriate, since we’ll be crafting and delivering some beautiful, bespoke content for our visitors, with help from our talented friends at The Poetry Takeaway.
I first saw The Poetry Takeaway in action at Here London in June, and I loved them instantly.
There are so many parallels between them and True. What they do is a simple, joyful microcosm of everything that happens here. Like us, they breathe in knowledge and insight and breathe out lovingly crafted creativity.
Their poets (or poet chefs, if you will - they often cook up their words in a burger van) are the best performance poets in the UK. Like us, they are specialists, expert in their craft. They spend time chatting to you, understanding what’s important, finding the focus of what really matters, then turning their findings into simple, unique solutions.
Achieving the warmth, connection and empathy they do in a short period of time is no mean feat. And it makes what they deliver very special.
Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful. In a digital world of endless distraction and ever-shortening attention spans, we’re more constrained than ever in the stories we can tell.
Tweets, snaps, posts, comments, captions…communicating a story that moves a target audience, provoking them into action against such restrictions demands creative writers and content creators who command language and know the power of persuasion. 
They’re hard to come by. Maybe that’s why the world’s fastest growing language is emoji. Wordsmithery isn’t easy.

As Leonard Cohen said:
"When something good comes, you have to be prepared to polish it, carve it and chisel it, that’s the work.”
“The cutting of the gem has to be finished before you can see whether it shines.”
That makes what The Poetry Takeaway will be doing on Stand B65 even more impressive. Their poems will be delivered in a matter of minutes.
And I’m sure we’ll see some poetic gems. I hope you can join us at Integrated Live. Come early. If it’s anything like Here London, there will be a queue.