How we rebuilt the Arndale’s touchscreen maps

Earlier this year, Manchester Arndale came to us to update their touchscreen maps and make them an engaging proposition for shoppers in the centre.

The task that lay ahead of us required a fusion of UX, design and development.

UX set out the blueprint for a successful build. Kate Redfern, our Head of UX, made it clear that we had to forget the quirks we’re all used to with a mobile or desktop screen and work with a large touchscreen in mind. We knew that the average shopper would be in a hurry or distracted, so would need an interface that gives them the smoothest interaction possible.

We made our buttons big, kept as much space clear for the map and simplified the search keyboard, keeping letters and numerals separate. On the map, landmark stores were annotated, helping quick glancing shoppers orientate themselves. After 45 seconds without interaction, the kiosk resets to its screensaver, leaving map users enough time to way-find but allow the next shopper a new session.

We worked together with a 3rd party, 3D Wayfinder, to improve the map’s wayfinding mechanism. Our Creative Director, Mark Dearman, remodelled and rendered the 3D map. Meanwhile the development team got to grips with the touchscreen’s capabilities. They also redirected the Arndale’s storefront data from our previous Kentico website build to the map’s CMS.

Our clients were thrilled with the work, loving the new look and feel of the maps, and especially the ability to update their kiosk screensavers to feature the latest seasonal collections.

A touchscreen kiosk is just one of the limitless possibilities that digital can bring to your business. If you're interested in exploring others, talk to Bertie.