Helping clients see the value of digital

As a digital agency, we know how valuable digital can be for businesses. And it’s our job to prove it.

At True we love working with our clients to help them understand the real value of digital across their businesses. Only when we can prove the contribution digital is making to the wider business do we truly have license to create great work.

We do this through a structured approach to analytics and the gathering of insight across the whole customer journey, all based on business objectives.

Current CX thinking goes beyond digital though. Alan, our Head of CX, believes that companies making the biggest impact are those that bridge the human-digital divide.

We’ve proved the success of this approach with our work for npower. By understanding how new customers research and purchase energy we realised the importance of being able to save a quote, and looked to optimise this part of the process.

For Pet Drugs Online we focused on making improvements to the customer experience specifically on smart phones, based on the fact that there had been a 180% year-on-year revenue growth on that channel.

Of course it’s not all about the numbers. Our creative output is ultimately what we are judged on, and our creative team work closely with our analysts and planners to make sure (as our designer Ollie recently said) that data validates our creative output, not dictates it. Data should guide the creative process, not dominate it. It should focus our thinking, not constrain it.

And this approach must be resonating with our clients as once again they have rated us very highly for a number of related services through the Recommended Agency Register (RAR). And last week we got some wonderful news – we’ve been shortlisted in the RAR Digital Awards.

We’re always very pleased to get any awards nominations, but because these are based on our clients rating us for the services we offer they give us reason to be extra proud. They are a true reflection of what our clients value us for, and what we’re delivering especially well, as well as a benchmark against our peers, as we are grouped with other agencies of a similar size.

This year we’re finalists for Analytics, Creativity/Innovation, and Strategic Thinking in the 40 - 99 staff category.

So huge thanks to all the lovely clients that rated us - you all get a 10 out of 10 from us too.

If you’re a client, but you haven’t given us a rating yet, please do get in touch and we’ll send you a questionnaire.