Google Innovations Keynote

An insight into Google’s most recent announcements and what they mean for our clients.
Google has built us a bridge to advertising in a mobile-first world - and it’s wonderful!

People all over the world are trying to make the most of every moment, researching solutions on-the-go – and with Google’s new developments we can make your products or services easier to find at each step along the way.

Historically businesses would have planned site developments from the desktop side, while leaving mobile as a secondary goal, to adjust as an additional component. The world has changed since then. According to Google, the seismic shift in behaviour occurred about 3 years ago, where the era of mobile and ‘on-the-go’ began. This fits in with what we have seen across analytics data and visitor behaviour.

Mobile is no longer an adjustment or an add-on, but an imperative.

Therefore to respond to the growth of mobile search, Google is now bringing in various new features that can help us reach your audiences more effectively.

Search Ads

As per what we generally expected across the advertising industry, the changes to search ads will not stop at the recent removal of the right hand side search results in your browser. More is still evolving, and it’s approaching soon – with more prominent headlines and longer description lines coming to the new and improved search ads. On top of this, Google will also allow bidding tailored to a specific device, answering the requests that advertisers have been raising for some time. Both of these features will help make a massive step towards better advertising on mobile through Search ads.
Display Ads

Google’s vision for Display is a world of beautiful creatives, both engaging and natural to click, tap, or swipe, whilst easy to manage - and importantly, without needing a large investment. For the mobile-first world, they are bringing in responsive display ads – to be created with minimal effort, without the need to design for various sizes.
The improvements will also include native ad inventory across Google, and we can also expect an access to cross-exchange inventory for the Display Network remarketing.
The dividing line between the digital and physical worlds is blurring. Nearly one in three of all mobile searches is location-related. This is why Google has recently been putting more and more focus into the Location extensions and the scope for their potential benefits.
The next step for location-based marketing is here, with new ad formats announced for Google Maps. With this new development, as well as new ‘sponsored pins’, we will be able to highlight the local offers available in your store nearest to your potential next customer!
This is also very exciting as it ties in closely with another announcement, which is …
…In-Store Conversions Measurement
Another development announced which we are certainly looking forward to: efficient in-store conversion tracking. Here at True, we have long been helping our high-value retail clients track both offline and online behaviours with our bespoke Attribution Modelling solution. This makes it natural for us to curiously await the first reports on how Google’s solution (based on tracking the phone location history) helps determine the value each of the digital channels delivers to retailers. 
Overall it’s safe to say that with the Keynote announcements Google managed to make many of us advertisers all around the world very happy. With the mentioned improvements we will be able to more smoothly reach our clients’ audiences at their key ‘solve’ and ‘buy’ moments – and also at a much higher speed, with the new improved AdWords design on our end. Other than that, some major Google Analytics work has also been announced, which combined all together with AdWords announcements, have a potential of incredibly improving our ability to accurately measure and utilise each of the channels - and help drive incremental sales for our clients. Let’s hope Bing introduces similar improvements soon!
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