7 essential qualities for your marketing agency in 2017

Today, the 45th President of The United States will be sworn in. The UK is in the throes of BREXIT, sterling is making headlines, and many of the major powers in the world are looking at a change of leadership.

If you thought 2016 was interesting, get ready for a roller coaster 2017!

If you’re tasked with delivering a marketing strategy and, importantly, a profit this year, you have a tough job which can be made much easier by a good Marketing Agency. So, what should you expect from your agency going into a challenging year?

1. They understand your business variables

If you sell internationally or buy in USD as a business you have some clear areas to consider this year. Your agency’s job is to act on the business and vertical data you provide to them and to put measures in place that give you a competitive advantage. Do price comparisons need to be run more frequently? Will that outreach strategy double in real-terms cost? If a competitor drops out of the market are you ready to fill the gap?

2. They understand the bigger picture

A dip in revenue or conversion rate may be caused by external factors. If consumer confidence is low or your industry is in the news, it can impact your performance. If your agency team don’t read newspapers and don’t understand how the price of a barrel of oil will impact the cost of a tomato at the supermarket, you need a new team!

3. They work to solid KPIs

Working to the right KPIs is vital. It’s always vital. You need to be clear NOW on what KPIs you expect your agency to meet. If you can’t measure lifetime value, attributed contributions or ROPO sales, then now is an excellent time to resolve that. Optimising towards a last click ROI is not going to cut it this year!

4. They’re all over the data

An agency that only looks at the data when they’re creating a report is not doing their job.  One that understands what’s happening in real time – and most importantly, what metrics are good indications of business health – is a massive asset.

5. They don’t over-react

If you have a solid strategy, a single anomaly shouldn’t make you hit the panic button. A great agency tells you that there’s something happening, but that they want to monitor it and look at options. Then they come back with a plan - unless, of course there’s a reason to leap into action. In that case, by the time you know about it, they’ll have triaged the crisis, run the figures, and know exactly what they want to do to improve things.

6. They’re agile, and want you to be agile too

Tough trading conditions can create great opportunities, whether it’s striking a good deal, capitalising on a gap in a competitor strategy or capturing the zeitgeist. A proactive agency who calls you up and says “I have an idea” is one that puts you front of mind.

7. They act as the voice of reason

Paddy Power can do cheeky/political/downright dangerous. Odds are you can’t.  A great agency won’t suggest something that flies in the face of your carefully planned strategy, or let you do something you’ll regret later, however tempting the meme is. Your agency is your BFF in the world of business and should remember that at all times.

If you’re looking for an agency that can deliver quality marketing advice – you’ve found us! Get in touch to find out how we can help you have a profitable 2017.