Five events we're excited about at SMW Bristol 2019

Social Media Week returns to Bristol for its third year from 10 – 14 June 2019 and team True can’t wait.

Designed to upskill, inform, explore ideas and opportunities and further the conversation on key issues in social media, marketing and technology - Social Media Week Bristol joins 25 cities worldwide in holding this truly global week of events in our remarkable city. 

We’re delighted to be delivering an event on 13 June which promises to help brands close the Narrative Gap by offering attendees practical tips and tools to define what your brand really stands for, know your audience inside-out and build a social media playbook that works.

Team True are attending loads of talks during the week, so be sure to say hi while we’re out and about taking advantage of all that Social Media Week Bristol has in store. In no particular order, here we have chosen five of the events we’re most looking forward to:


Sketchnoting for Social

“I'm looking forward to the sketchnoting session because I think as marketers we should be continually exploring ways to think about and express things differently. SMW is about more than just hearing some talks - it's about learning valuable new skills and ideas you can put into practice, so I’m excited to see what this session has to offer!”

Chris Redhead – Digital Media Manager


I Like Big Bots and I Cannot Lie

"With the likes of Phrasee and Persado writing marketing emails and IBM’s Watson promising to complete tasks that currently take an entire marketing department to carry out, it’s easy to see why marketers are worried about the advent of AI. So, I’m excited about hearing Norts’ talk on how AI can actually help us marketers be better at our jobs, rather than taking them from us.”

Nick Baillie, Senior Strategist


Marketing to the Perennials – social media and the 50+ consumer

“I'm really looking forward to the Marketing to the Perennials discussion. As tech advances make our lives faster, cheaper and more efficient, social has a crucial role to play in humanising brands and experiences. I'm particularly interested in role of social in supporting people through big, later-life milestones.”

Fiona Weller, Creative Partner


Using 5G and AR to trial a new visitor experience at the Roman Baths

“I’ve attended other lectures and conferences on the applications of AR in the past, so I’m curious to see how the technology is evolving and how it can be used to promote more exciting work within the digital media and advertising space.”

Alex Pitter – Developer


Instagram Stories are changing the newsfeed – How Social is becoming a Story

“Social media is forever changing through user trends and the latest features released by the platforms. We need to be innovative and ground-breaking but also hit the mark and resonate with the correct audience. I'm interested to hear how other agencies and brands simultaneously keep up to date withthe industry and lead in this changing landscape”

Hannah Crouch – Digital Media Manager

We hope to see you out and about during the week and we’d love to catch you for a natter at some of the great networking opportunities that the conference creates.

Tickets prices have been purposefully kept low to encourage maximum participation in the schedule so what are you waiting for, get yours here.